5 Reasons why Thailand is still one of World’s greatest motorcycle touring destination

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If you are looking for an exotic experience where you can dump traditional transportation and can enjoy the freedom and excitement offered by bike riding, Thailand should be on your list. Probably there aren’t too many people aware of this, but Thailand is an exceptional destination when it comes to motorcycle touring. Not only will the views here be stunning, but bikers will also enjoy great roads and everything they need for an excellent experience. Would you like to learn more about it? Perhaps these 5 reasons will help you understand better why Thailand is such a great destination for motorcyclists.

1. The quality of the roads is amazing and you will never get bored riding your bike

Thailand has great roads to motorcyclists, and not just on the highways but also in the rural areas as well. No matter how amazing it is to drive on smooth roads, the best experiences are gained while traveling on not so popular roads. Rural roads, roads through national parks, and other roads that unveil the hidden beauty of Thailand, are plentiful here. You will have to watch out for farm animals though, like dogs, pigs, or chickens, in the rural areas, but this is the charm of these areas. After all, you came to Thailand to experience something completely new. The best part about these smaller roads is the absence of large vehicles, like trucks, which makes things even better. They are clear of any commercial traffic, allowing the motorcyclist to simply enjoy the ride and the views. It is even more surprising to see that there are asphalted roads in parts of the country you wouldn’t have dreamed you would find such things, like some remote areas in Si Saket or Sakorn Nakorn.

2. The scenery is stunning

As mentioned before, besides the roads that are motorcycle friendly, a biker will also enjoy amazing scenery. Thailand is famous for his natural beauty, made out of forests, mountains, rivers, and jungle. Because the country has agricultures as a primary activity in most parts, the background is always green due to the numerous crops you will see on your way. But, if you reach mountainous areas, like Chiang Rai or the Nan province, there is the chance you won’t find a single village for hours, your only companion being the gorgeous mountain and the lush forest surrounding it. Waterfalls, rivers, and roads that twist and turn to follow their course are a real treat. Of course, beside the natural beauties of Thailand, you will also have the chance to see some manmade beauties as well. Temples decorated in the brightest colors and national parks that are made by man to preserve the beautiful sights are a common occurrence as well on the way. And the best part about riding a motorcycle is the freedom to stop and admire everything that stirs your interest and admiration.

3. Motorcyclists can find amazing services just for them

Restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, maintenance for the motorcycle and a great range of motorcycles available are among the services that one can enjoy in Thailand. We can even say that an full new branch have developed in the tourism industry here, which takes care of the people that wish to explore the country on two wheels. If you are new in Thailand or wish to see things that are not too known among foreigners, you can even collaborate with some of the local motorcycle clubs. They are very friendly and some are very involved in promoting the beauty of their country to other people in love with riding two-wheeled vehicles and giving you all the useful information you need to get around easily. For instance, it would be great to know where you can find a reliable mechanic, in case you don’t have one with you when you get into trouble with your bike.

4. Activities that are not related to motorcycles

It is true that the entire purpose of having such an adventure in Thailand is to ride a bike, but everyone enjoys a bit of diversity now and then. You will love getting off your bike to stretch your legs and enjoy other activities as well. After all, it is a relaxing and pleasant experience, so you should not deny yourself the chance to do something fun. What else can be done here besides riding motorcycles? If you like to feel blood rushing through your veins, perhaps a session of white-water rafting will give you the dose of excitement you need. If you want to taste the local wines of Thailand, you can do that, by enjoying wine tasting in Loei, one of the most appreciated vineyards in the country. Would you like something more relaxing? You can always enjoy golf here throughout the year, due to the great weather and amazing golf courses. Catamaran rides are also popular in the area, providing pleasant cruises on water that will help you unwind. And, perhaps you could enjoy a barbeque as well, as part of your fun activity program.

5. The accommodation is excellent no matter where you go

Because Thailand relies on tourism a lot, there are many resorts throughout the entire country. Even if you chose to explore Thailand on top of a motorcycle, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great accommodation services and other amenities. The best conditions here are very affordable, in comparison with other exotic destinations, so it is not hard to entwine comfort and relaxation with the pleasure of riding a bike. Whether you are enjoying a private villa or a luxury golf resort, the choice is yours and you will have the chance to find such conditions in every corner of Thailand. In fact, because your bike gives you freedom that most people don’t have when visiting a country, you can even take advantage of this and try the accommodation offered by the rural properties. There won’t be a day that is similar to another, always trying something different and seeing another face of this beautiful country.

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