7 Things to Love about a Motorcycle Vacation across Asia

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A vacation across Asia while riding your bike… what’s not to love about it? It’s different, wild and exciting, and without any doubts, an experience that will stick in your memory till the end of your days.

There is nothing like discovering this exotic, beautiful and amazing continent than by riding your bike across it. That’s why there are many tours available for you, and in this article you will discover the 7 things to love about this experience.

Let’s start this!

#1 – You Will Get to See Things No Other Tour Can Bring You:

A bike tour across Asia will bring you experiences that no other tour can. That’s a fact.

Riding across this continent will allow you to know more about the culture, people and history of the places you visit. For example, if you take our 19-day Thailand & Myanmar tour, you will discover this amazing country in ways only a few people can.

The Inle Lake, Bagan, Golden Rock and Mandalay are just a few examples of the many exotic places you will discover.

Thanks to this or any other of the tours we put at your disposal, you will get to see unseen parts of the country and places you visit. An exclusive privilege for bikers.

If you want to collect invaluable experiences which are only available for those brave enough to join a bike tour, then you know what to do, and here is Big Bike Tours to get you on the perfect tour for you!

#2 – Adventure on Its Maximum Expression:

What could be more daring and wilder than riding a bike across an exotic continent? Maybe landing a foot on the moon, but well, we are not Neil Armstrong.

But there are still great things to enjoy for us mere mortals, and one of these is joining a tour across Asia. For example, if you want to live the adventure of your life, then it’d be wonderful if you could join us in our 19-day Tibet & Shangri-La tour.

We can guarantee you that it will make you experience levels of adrenaline you have never seen in your life before! But not only that, the cultural enrichment and the memories you will obtain are simply priceless.

Even a short 3-day tour will be enough to embark you on the greatest adventure of your life, and here at Big Bike Tours we have several options for you:

  • Mae Hong Son Loop
  • Magical Golden Triangle
  • Sukhothai Loop

Want a real adventure? Then you know what to do!

Yes, you will get dirty, deal with difficult roads and struggle every now and then… but you will love it, because this is adventure on its maximum expression!

#3 – See Nature from a Different Perspective:

Everybody knows that Asia is a beautiful continent, and a bike tour will allow you to appreciate the beauty of its exotic nature from a completely new perspective.

You will not only see nature but also experience it. By traveling on less-conventional routes, you will get in touch with nature, something that will allow you to appreciate landscapes and details only a few men on this earth can.

If you are looking for something different, so you can appreciate the natural beauty of this fascinating continent, then you need to motorcycle vacation across Asia.

#4 – You Will Feel Free:

The human being constantly chases this dream of feeling free, and many times, it fails.

I dare to say that riding a bike is one of those getaways that will allow you to feel truly free, especially when you do it to explore an amusing continent like Asia.

There is a kind of “spiritual pleasure” that you can only enjoy when you ride a bike, and if you do it in a completely new place for you, then this feeling gets even more intense.

If you crave freedom, or simply a getaway from your monotonous life, then a bike tour is all you need. It will change your life, forever.

#5 – Experience Authentic Team Work:

Our tours are always in group, where you will get to interact with other like-minded individuals.

This adds plenty of value to the general experience, because without team work it would not be possible. Camaraderie and cooperation are two things you will experience, but when you do it while riding across Asia, it feels completely different and better.

You will be in a group with people similar or completely different to you, but pursuing the same goal. What can more beautiful than that? Your group will eventually become like a second family, because this kind of experience really unites people.

#6 – The Adventure Is On The Road:

What makes a bike tour across Asia so exciting and interesting is that the destination is just a part of the experience.

The journey is what will bring you the best and most fulfilling experiences. Interacting with locals, eventual problems on the road and teamwork, tasting a delicious dish of the local cuisine and many other things.

For example, if you join our 10-day Thailand & Laos tour, you will experience many interesting things in the journey. The destination is important, but that’s just a part of the adventure.

#7 – You Will Improve Yourself:

Although a bike tour is not a personal-development journey, it certainly works like one.

You will discover places you’ve never seen. You will interact with different cultures, and as well, with different people both locals and your team.

You will make new friends, cultivate new experiences and memories and get to see life from a different perspective.

Teamwork, the journey, the beautiful nature, the amazing history and culture and the delicious cuisine will work together to make you improve as a person. For real, once you conclude your tour, you will see life with new eyes.

Final Words:

These are the 7 things to love about a motorcycle vacation across Asia. It is a priceless experience that will add much value to your life.

Big Bike Tours is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand—which is where all of our motorbike excursions begin. We have been riding the scenic routes in Thailand for over 15 years, and have been providing guided tours since 2009. If you love to ride, but hitting up the standard tourist spots simply isn’t your style—book an Asian motorbike tour with Big Bike Tours today!

Travel with us and create a memory – Your Big Bike Tours Team

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