Experience The Mystical Lanna Kingdom In This 5 Day Magical Tour

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The Lanna Kingdom tour helps you experience the hidden treasures of Thailand in the most magical way possible. It takes you to the highest peak of Thailand, Doi Inthanon, which is 2,565 meters above the sea level. The ride along the Ma Hong Son Loop will definitely bring out the rider in you and help you witness some of the most amazing scenery in Thailand.

The unforgettable experience offered by the twisty curves of Mae Hong Son, picturesque mountainous scenery of Doi Mae Salong, beautiful Tha Ton, amazing Pai, Doi Tung Royal Villa and the place where the borders of three countries, namely Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand meet – The Golden Triangle, is going to mesmerize you and ensure that you take back home some of the most beautiful memories for lifetime. It is one of the most popular routes for the riders because it offers so much and is filled with the cultural, traditional, and historical attractions, which sure makes the tour worthwhile.

The tour includes some of the most attractive tourist locations in Thailand, which includes Vachiratharn Waterfall, Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu, Chiang Dao Cave, World War 2 Memorial Bridge, Phayao Lake, Opium Museum, Than Tong Waterfall, Monkey Temple, and much more.

Chiang Mai – Don Inthanon – Mae Sariang – Day 1


Distance – 275 Kms.

Days To Complete – 6 Hours.

Road Conditions – Excellent and well-maintained windy mountainous roads.

Difficulty – Easy.

Personal Experience

I start my tour by arriving at Chiang Mai from Bangkok. I stayed overnight at a hotel and started my journey next day early morning after the breakfast. I rode along the south of Chiang Mai towards the famous Doi Inthanon National Park, which is 2,565 meters above the sea level and is the highest peak in Thailand. The view along this mountainous road is simply breathtaking and is lined with the pine forest, which further adds to the glory of this ride. I visited some of the best waterfalls and nature trails on the way and had an opportunity to visit the botanical gardens and famous Royal Pagodas midway through the journey.

I descended while riding towards Mae Chaem, where I stopped at a local restaurant for lunch. I continued riding through the pine forest to reach Mae Sariang, where I put up at a nice comfortable hotel for overnight stay. It was a beautiful first day with lots of photo opportunities, and some of the clicks are simply too good to be true, thanks to the natural beauty of this trail.

Mae Sariang – Mae Hong Son – Pai – Day 2

Facts: Distance – 273 Kms. Days To Complete – 6 Hours. Road Conditions – Narrow roads at some parts, but nothing too dangerous. Difficulty – Moderate. Personal Experience – I had breakfast at my hotel in Mae Sariang to head towards Mae Hong Son. The roads initially were a bit narrow and curvy, but it was more fun than dangerous to ride on such strip. I took my first halt at Khun Yuam to visit the famous World War II Museum located here. After visiting the museum, I headed to the hilltop where Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is located, the first of the many temples of Mae Hong Son. I took a break for a while during my journey to have lunch. After the lunch, I headed to visit the Lord Cave, for which I had to travel on a bamboo raft. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in here. After visiting the Lord Cave, I went back to riding my bike to reach Pai. After reaching Pai, I continued my journey to visit the locally famous hot spring to enjoy a mineral bath. I stayed at a local hotel in here and enjoyed a dip in the swimming pool at the hotel before calling it a day.

Pai – Tha Ton – Day 3


Distance – 237 Kms.

Days To Complete – 5 Hours.

Road Conditions – Amazing mountain roads.

Difficulty – Easy

Personal Experience

I had breakfast early in the morning, and before leaving Pai, I strolled around the local market to offer food to the many monks who line up in the Pai’s local market. I also visited the World War 2 Memorial Bridge before starting my journey to Tha Ton, which again took me to the beautiful mountainous roads. The first stop of the day was at Chiang Dao, where I had an excellent Thai traditional lunch at a local restaurant.

After lunch, I visited the beautiful Chiang Dao Cave after the lunch, and it undoubtedly helped me glimpse into the ancient times of this place. I continued my journey after visiting Chiang Dao Cave through the scenic mountainous roads via the famous Doi AngKhang to finally reach our destination, Tha Ton. After reaching Tha Ton, I headed straight to the Wat Tha Ton, located at the hilltop to ensure I don’t miss the beautiful view of the sunset. After clicking some amazing pictures of the sunset and the incredible valley here, I headed back to the hotel and enjoyed my overnight stay with a panoramic view from my window.

Tha Ton – Golden Triangle – Day 4


Distance – 140 Kms.

Days To Complete – 4 Hours.

Road Conditions – Curvy and twisty roads, but fun to ride on.

Difficulty – Easy

Personal Experience

I had breakfast at the hotel in Tha Ton and headed towards the famous Karen Tribe village located close to the Thailand-Myanmar border. After visiting the village and checking out the local cultural and tribal items on sale, I started my journey towards Doi Mae Salong, which is a hub of Chinese mountain tea farmers. It is the perfect place to enjoy the Thailand’s best tea here. After having tea at a local tea shop, I headed back to riding the windy and twisty roads to visit Doi Tung Royal Villa. Here, I visited the highly revered botanical garden and the famous Winter Palace and took some amazing clicks.

I had lunch at the Royal’s Project Restaurant, which was completely worth it and offered some of the finest local Thai cuisines. Afterward, I visited Wat Tham Pla, where I enjoyed feeding the wild monkeys, which are in plenty here. I headed later towards Golden Triangle and took the ride on the long-tail boat here on the Mekong River. I made a small visit to the village in Laos during my journey here, and surprisingly no visa was required to visit it. Before retiring for the day, I visited the Opium Museum, which was certainly delightful.

Golden Triangle – Phayao – Chiang Mai – Day 5


Distance – 311 Kms.

Days To Complete – 7 Hours.

Road Conditions – Excellent.

Difficulty – Easy

Personal Experience

After having breakfast at the hotel, I headed my journey towards Chiang Rai City. It is a fun ride along the highly dense farming areas, which sure makes for some fantastic photo opportunity. At Chiang Rai, I visited one of the top ten wonder temples of the world, Wat Rong Khun. I then continued to ride on the great highway road to reach Phayao, and visit Phayao Lake. It is the largest lake in the Northern Thailand and presents a view that needs to be seen to be believed.

I had lunch at a local restaurant, which was located next to the lake and presented a serene view. After lunch, I headed back to the windy mountainous road to visit the famous Than Tong Waterfall and the hot springs at Mae Kachan. While here, I visited the local market here and bought some souvenirs, before continuing my journey to Chiang Mai.

Overall, it is an excellent tour that is loaded with beauty and some tourist attractions, which are sure to take your breath away. You can be sure of experiencing the local and traditional Thai culture in a very peaceful and raw setting, which would act as a high contrast when you compare it with the modern rising culture in significant Thailand cities.

The views of Phayao Lake or the sunset at the hilltop new the Golden Triangle and the clicks I took at the Chiang Dao Cave, and all the things I did during this five day tour, is going to be an unforgettable experience. It is a must journey for anyone who wants to delve deep into the beauty of Thailand and experience not only the city life but experience the raw natural beauty of Thailand in its true colors.

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